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Open Day beginning of 2014

Jean-Luc / Eric / Marc / Michel We are a group of 4 friends and we decided to build a wheelchair, which is a bit out of the ordinary, as this one only has 2 wheels and it’s electric ! It can reach a range of almost 30km or a whole day without recharging. Its turning radius is zero as it turns on its’ own axis. One can easily go shopping with it and return with a full bag or walk one’s dog :-) Starting off on a steep slope it takes in its’ stride. In addition this wheelchair is height adjustable which allows it to adapt to all types of situations, for example :

  • slight slope
  • steep slope
  • on the flat
  • putting your knees under a table

We have created this machine with the help of the mechanical section of the Geneva Engineering School Hepia . A very big thank you to them.

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